Cisco ASR1K6R2-20-B32/K9 Used and Pre-Owned / Second Hand

SKU: (ASR1K6R220B32/K9)

Aliter Networks is your source for Pre-Owned and Refurbished Cisco Systems ASR1K6R2-20-B32/K9 from Cisco Systems. We offer immediate delivery - in most cases next business day - at great Discount.

Request a quote for Cisco ASR1K6R2-20-B32/K9 or call us +31 202 400 600.

Lifetime Warranty

We make sure your Cisco ASR1K6R2-20-B32/K9 is tested rigorously by Certified technicians, and cover each item by lifetime Advanced Replacement warranty. Contact us for more information and configuration support on the ASR1K6R2-20-B32/K9.

Refurbished ASR1K6R2-20-B32/K9 purchased from us are inspected and tested by industry professionals to ensure they are fully functional and perform equal to new hardware. The hardware is scrutinized for major cosmetic issues, and only items that pass our 26-point inspection are made available for sale.

Each ASR1K6R2-20-B32/K9 dispatched from our warehouse is delivered with all accessories and any configuration is reset to factory default settings. Your ASR1K6R2-20-B32/K9 will be ready to go the moment it leaves our warehouse.

ASR1K6R2-20-B32/K9ASR1006 BB Bundle w/ 2xESP-20G,2xRP2,SIP10,AISK9,32K BB Lic

Asset Recovery Program: Aliter Networks can help you maximise your budget by buying back your current or unused hardware in case of an upgrade.

  • Name: Cisco ASR1K6R2-20-B32/K9
  • SKU: ASR1K6R220B32/K9
  • Category: ASR1000 Series
  • Brand: Cisco Systems

Waarom Aliter Networks?

  • Hoge kortingen - tot 90% "off list"
  • Levenslange advanced replacement garantie
  • Professioneel advies
  • Volledig getest
  • Snelle Levering - Wereldwijd

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Waarom Aliter Networks?

  • Kortingen tot 90%
  • Levenslange garantie
  • Lifetime advanced replacement warranty
  • Fully tested
  • Snelle levering in meer dan 100 landen


Aliter Networks biedt levenslange Advanced Replacement garantie. Dit houdt in dat wij het vervangende apparaat meteen opsturen zonder te wachten op de retour. De garantie voor dealers is 3 maanden.

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